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Many central mainstream media report that the China-Laos Railway Headquarters donated to Nongbing Village Primary School in Laos



(On October 8, Xinhuanet reports on the donation ceremony)

(Scene of the Donation Ceremony)


On October 8th, CREC China-Laos Railway Headquarters held a donation ceremony in the Nongbing Village Primary School of China-Laos Friendship in Vientiane City, Laos. The said Headquarters' commander Huang Hong and the principal of the Nongbing Village Primary School Ms Pan Tong Kang Tongm, jointly attended the donation ceremony and delivered speeches. Further, construction participants of the China-Laos Railwaysuch as CRIG, were present at the donation ceremony. The news was reported and reprinted by China's central mainstream media such as Xinhuanet, CCTV international channel, China Radio International Laos FM and

At the donation ceremony, the CREC China-Laos Railway Project Division handed over a newly-built rattan ball court to Nongbing Village Primary School, and donated complete sets of sports facilities such as table tennis tables as well as relevant epidemic prevention materials. The Nongbing Village Primary School awarded an engagement letter of extracurricular instructors to construction participants like the said Project Division and CRIG, and congratulated beforehand that the China-Laos Railway would be completed and open to traffic by the end of this year, and looked forward to taking the China-Laos Railway train to visit China at an early date. The two sides expressed that the Nongbing Village Primary School and CREC became connected in the China-Laos Railway Project, and they should deepen exchanges and continue to make efforts to create a better school environment for local students, so that they become witnesses and inheritors of China-Laos friendship.

The Nongbing Village Primary School of China-Laos Friendship was built under the aid by the Chinese Government in 2012, becoming the demonstration project of friendship between China and Laos and between their Parties. Over the years, China has sent volunteers to the School for teaching.

The China-Laos Railway is a landmark project of the Belt and Road Initiative cooperation and also the No. 1 project highly concerned by the Laos Government. CRIG was ordered to set up the CREC China-Laos Railway Project Construction Headquarters to coordinate all participating engineering bureaus and design institutes within the system, and specifically undertook the construction task of 19.30 kilometers of the railway line.      

Over the past four years, CREC unwaveringly mobilized a lot of manpower,material and financial resources, efficiently completed the railway line survey and design, site investigation, financing planning, scheme demonstration and construction preparations and other work, and the China-Laos Railway is expected to be completed and open to traffic at the end of this year,and the journey from Kunming to Vientiane can achieve department in the morning and arrival in the evening. (CREC China-Laos Railway Project Headquarters, CRIG Moten-Vientiane Railway Second Bid Section Project Division, Sub-Division One)















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