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Guo Wei Attends the 2nd New Infrastructure Development Summit Forum


Scene of the Summit

Guo Wei Attends the Forum


From October 15th to 16th, CRIG President Guo Wei and his party went to Dongguan to attend the Second New Infrastructure Development Summit Forum hosted by China International Contractors Association and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.  This Forum was themed “Jointly building a new ecological infrastructure and establishing a new pattern of development”, and it was held both online and offline simultaneously. The organizers and guests conducted in-depth exchanges on the new infrastructure's meaning, current situation, future trends as well as collaborative development of new infrastructure and overseas infrastructure projects, paid close attention to the coordinated linkage of industries at multi-levels,  Chinese international contractors, ICT suppliers, organizational structure and process re-engineering, studied how different market players can work together to promote the rapid and sound development of the new infrastructure industry in overseas markets. Representatives from the Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, UNESCO Innovation Center for Higher Education, Nanjing Jiangbei New District Management Committee, financial institutions and more than 60 leading enterprises attended the meeting.

At the Forum, the competent Ministries and Commissions like the Ministry of Commerce and the NDRC Belt an Road Initiative Construction Promotion Center pointed out that as countries in the world, during the process of realizing economic recovery, strived to develop digital economy, and paid attention to enabling traditional infrastructure through the use of such new technologies as big data and cloud computing, construction of new infrastructure was accelerated significantly, thus becoming the highlight to revive the global economy. Chinese enterprises should seize development opportunities and deepen overseas investment cooperation in digital economy, pursue innovation-driven development and foster new drivers of economic development, focus on key areas of new infrastructure and promote digital and green integrated development, in an effort to promote the realization of a higher level of domestic and international double circulation and better serve to build a new development pattern.

During the conference, the representatives of member enterprises of the said Association, representatives of financial institutions and persons of academic circle had in-depth exchanges and sufficient discussions on such issues as the deep integration of ICT technology and infrastructure industry, response to the epidemic using digital means systematically, digital transformation of the industry, accelerating business transformation and making efforts to create an ecological system, complementing of resource advantages as well as issues of international political and economic situation that the enterprises face at present. In addition, the Organizer also arranged the guests to jointly visit Huawei Enterprise Digital Transformation Exhibition Hall and Huawei Songshan Lake Park.





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