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An Operation and Management Training Course Held by CRIG

An operation and management training course was recently held by CRIG in Beijing in order to implement the principles of talents conference of CREC, practice the strategy of developing the Company by talents management, and build a team of outstanding leading cadres with higher management ability and comprehensive quality, pioneering consciousness, responsibility spirit and international vision. CRIG President Guo Wei delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and had a discussion with trainees. Zhao Yanjie, secretary of CRIGs committee for discipline inspection, attended the teaching results report/presentation meeting and the closing ceremony and delivered a concluding speech. CRIG Vice President Fang Xiaoqian and Chief Engineer Wang Yingliang, attended the teaching results report/presentation meeting.

A total of 54 heads and business backbones of CRIGs affiliates and headquarters departments attended the training, successfully completed the learning tasks and obtained the “Course-Completion Certificate”.

This training closely followed the theme of “keep in mind original aspirations, inspire vitality, start from myself and excel in competition”. Through various teaching approaches such as on-site teaching, team melting, discussion, communication and dialogue and report on achievements, trainees’ thoughts and actions were unified to the high-quality development of the enterprise, and their fighting spirit was stimulated, their skills were improved, so as to cultivate the “leading talents” needed for the new stage of the enterprises development.

Guo Wei attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. As pointed out by Guo Wei, this training was an urgent need to effectively improve the political position, implement the strategy of developing the company by talent management, strengthen the construction of cadre echelon, and enhance the cohesion and competence of the enterprise. Guo Wei stressed that all trainees should cherish time and seize learning opportunities, concentrate on learning and have a correct learning attitude, study hard and complete the learning tasks, study diligently, learn to be good at thinking, and strengthen learning exchanges; be strict with yourselves and observe learning disciplines, learn to summarize and apply learning outcomes, apply the lessons learned from training into practice, work diligently and skillfully, making new greater contributions to the overseas business of CRIG, and living up to the expectations and great trust of the organization.

Later on, Guo Wei held discussions and exchanges with the trainees in combination with the main contradictions faced during the overseas operations of CREC and the medium-and long-term development plan of CRIG, to guide the trainees to unify their business ideas, establish a holistic view and deeply understand the original intention and determination of the enterprise reform and development.

Specialized courses were aimed at the evolution direction of international politics, industrial benchmark development model, etc., and five courses closely related to the enterprises reform and development were provided, namely, Thoroughly Implement the Three-year Action Plan for the Reforms of State-owned Enterprises to Promote the High-quality Development of State-owned Enterprises, Organization and Management of Large International Engineering Enterprises in China, Sino-US Relations and International Political Situation, CPC’s Struggle Course, Enlightenment and Value of the Times, and Corporate Culture Philosophy and Management Practices. The corresponding skills of the trainees were improved through the study of professional knowledge.

In the thinking development class, the trainees learned and mastered the thinking methods such as the “iceberg analysis approach” and ”world cafe” by studying five courses, namely, Structured Seminar on Problem Solving Theme, Excellent Leadership and Execution, Realizing Goals - Improving Managers’ Target Management Ability, and Innovative Management - Training of Management Thoughts to Win Sustainable Competitive Advantages and in combination with the communication and discussion way of “Relaxing Tea Reception”, enriched the management means, and improved their leadership, innovation strength, execution and pressure resistance.

Outward bound training was also carried out outdoors to build a platform for trainees to understand each other and build a team together. Teams were set up by trainees to draw a team flag, make up a team song and unify slogans under the guidance of trainers, which embody their respective styles. Thus, the trainees’ sense of teamwork, sense of execution and sense of honor were enhanced through fusion.

After eight days’ study, the trainees held discussions against the reality under 6 themes, namely, Build Consensus, Promote Coordinated Development, and Further Promote the Implementation of Overseas Reforms, Organizational Structure Adapted to the Company’s Development Strategy - Taking Transtech Engineering Corporation as an Example, Strengthening Communication between the Group Headquarters and Third-level Companies, Exploration on the Construction of Corporate Culture, Preliminary Discussion on Internationalized Top-end Management Talents

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