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Guo Wei Makes an Official Visit to Wang Wei, General Manager of the Second Business Department of SINOSURE

On December 10th, CRIG President Guo Wei and his party made an official visit to Wang Wei, General Manager of the Second Business Department of China Export Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE), and the two sides conducted exchanges and discussions on the cooperation of export credit insurance business.

Wang Wei warmly welcomed Guo Wei and his party, and he pointed out that being affected by macroeconomic factors, overseas projects which accord with national policy guidance and with moderate project size and good economic benefits will be the focus of attention for the enterprises and financial institutions in the future for a period of time. He hoped that SINOSURE and CRIG would strength institutionalized cooperation, and make good use of SINOSURE's risk management, financing and credit instruments to aid in the going global of the enterprises. 

Guo Wei expressed his gratitude to Sinosure for its warm reception. During the talks, Guo Wei said that the changes in the international external environment would not only bring about challenges, but also provide opportunities; SINOSURE as a national export credit insurance institution, has a more profound perception of the policy changes for overseas projects. He hoped that the two sides would further deepen cooperation in the future, and with the help of SINOSURE's related products and services, CRIG will improve its ability of risk management, and properly cope with the increasingly prominent political risks of international engineering projects. 

CRIG Chief Accountant Huang Gonghua, and concerned persons in charge of the Accounting and Financial Management Department and of Investment Management Department also attended the meeting.

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