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Argentine Ambassador to China Mr. Sabino Vaca Narvaja and his Party Visit CRIG

On the morning of 21 January, the Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina to China Mr. Sabino Vaca Narvaja and his party visited CRIG, and held talks with Mr. Zhang Yongkang, head of International Department of CREC and General Manager of CREC International Engineering Branch, and CRIG Party Secretary and Chairman Mr.Bi Yanchun. The two sides had in-depth exchanges on the cooperation in the infrastructure field in Argentina, and reached broad consensus.

Zhang Yongkang expressed his welcome to the Ambassador Mr. Sabino Vaca Narvaja and his party for their visit and thanked the Argentina Embassy for its support and help to CRIG all the time. Mr.Zhang also introduced CREC's historical development, advantageous areas and overseas business, etc. He said that CREC has always been attaching great importance to the Argentina market, and that CREC is the only Chinese enterprise that has set up its regional headquarters in Argentina. He hoped that the Argentina Embassy in China would continue to support CREC's business in Argentina as always.

Bi Yanchun introduced CRIGs business development in Argentina. He said that CRIG, as entrusted to manage CREC South America Southern Regional Headquarters, would give full play to CREC's advantages in the whole industrial chain and professional strength in the field of infrastructure, continue to deepen cooperation with Argentine Government, enterprises and financial institutions, continue to expand its business areas and innovate cooperation models in Argentina. He hoped that the Argentina Embassy would continue to play an intergovernmental coordinating role, helping to promote the implementation of relevant projects in place so as to benefit local communities and people by participating in project construction.

Mr. Sabino Vaca Narvaja said that CREC is an important cooperation partner of Argentina. He hoped that CREC would continue to give play to its expertise and experience in international infrastructure and cooperate with the Argentina Government to actively promote the follow-up work of key projects and bring tangible benefits to the local society and people. And the Argentina Government will provide its corresponding support.

Liang Enguang, General Manager of CREC South America Southern Regional Headquarters cum Deputy General Manager of CRIG and others also attended the meeting. Prior to the talks, the Ambassador and his party visited CREC's Trailblazer Cultural Exhibition Hall.

CRIG unswervingly promoted its overseas institutional reforms, did well in its regional country markets, highlighted synergy and linkage between its Headquarters and regional headquarters and country representative offices, continued to deepen its cooperation with Argentina's Government Departments and domestic and foreign enterprises, and it based itself on the key projects as urgently required by the Argentina Government, society and people, and carried out the marketing with a purpose, and conducted local publicity based on local circumstances. The key projects have received the attention and support of the Argentina Government and Society, and positive progress to varying degrees was made recently. Thus, the market development in Argentina has achieved initial results.

Since the establishment of the CREC Representative Office in Argentina in early 2021, the said Representative Office has performed the functions of leadership and overall planning, organization and coordination, leading in business affairs, marketing, performance management and risk control in strict accordance with the requirements of CREC on overseas institutional reforms, and conducted centralized management of the country market. Steady progress was made in CREC's country representative offices construction and market development, and internal organization and coordination mechanisms operated efficiently, and coordinated marketing and benefit sharing mechanism were gradually established; and the vitality of marketing entities in various countries was fully stimulated,  the goal of maximizing the interests of CREC was effectively guaranteed, the reputation and brand influence of CREC was further enhanced, and the efficiency of CREC's overseas institutional reforms was been gradually released.


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