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CRIG holds the 2nd Session of the 2nd Workers and Staff' Congress and the Working Conference for the Year of 2022

From 24th Jan. to 25th Jan., CRIG held the 2nd Session of the 2nd Workers and Staff' Congress and the Working Conference for the Year of 2022 to conduct in-depth study of the spirits of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and of the Central Economic Work Conference, implement the work deployment and arrangements of the Party Committee of CREC, comprehensively summarize the work of CRIG's reforms and development, party construction, etc. in 2021, and make arrangements for key work in the Year of 2022 and during the 14th Five-year Plan period.

Bi Yanchun, secretary of CRIG's Party Committee cum CRIG chairman, attended the meeting and delivered a speech; Guo Wei, CRIG President cum deputy secretary of CRIG's Party Committee, made a work report; Wu Jibang, member of CRIG's Party Committee, chairman of CRIG's Labour Union cum Deputy General Manager, presided over the meeting; Liang Yong, CRIG's external director, and members of the Corporate leading group and senior management in Beijing attended the meeting at the main venue.

Bi Yanchun made a speech entitled 天博体育登录网址Forging ahead on a new journey, adhering to our path and making innovations for new accomplishment, and continuing to create a new situation of CRIG's high-quality development. He comprehensively reviewed the key work of CRIG's  Party Committee and Board of Directors in the Year of 2021, pointed out the current problems of the Company, made clear the overall requirements for the work for the year of 2022, establishing the goal of building CRIG into a leading enterprise in the international engineering field and making continuous contributions to the construction of CREC into a world first-class enterprise.

Bi yanchun pointed out that, to achieve the goals of the year of 2022, the key is to firmly grasp the task of promoting high-quality development of the Enterprise, make efforts to strengthen the two major constructions, steadily improve three capabilities and continuously promote four upgrading. We will standardize the construction of overseas regional headquarters, and strengthen the abilities of our headquarters to provide integrated strategic guidance, intensive management and control and one-stop service support. It is necessary to fulfill the requirements of CREC for the construction of a big business management system, practice the concept of big business management,  and systematically improve our capability of business guidance, financial enabling and legal guarantee based on the reality of foreign economic company. We will promote the optimization and upgrading of our business philosophy, business model, business layout and production control, continue to strengthen the governance of loss-making projects so as to improve the overall development quality of our affiliate firms.

Bi YanChun stressed that all of CRIG's staff should adhere to Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as guidance, follow the main line of studying and implementing the spirit of the Party's 20th Congress, firmly keep in mind the mission of CRIG as one of two wings, focus on the implementation of the corporate 14th five-year plan and reform development path, adhere to the policy of being armed by theory, strengthen political construction and promote political leadership to a new height. And we will adopt policies tailored to local conditions, strengthen the Party's basic organization, basic team and basic system construction, and boost our organizational guarantee to a new level.We should place the cardres under party supervision, deepen reforms and innovations, and convert our core competitiveness into new advantage.We will adhere to integration, tell Chinese stories well, and achieve new results in promoting brand influence; we will continue to maintain long-term and regular governance, improve oversight mechanism, and strengthen comprehensive and strict Party self-discipline. We will insist on relying on policies to build a harmonious enterprise and promote the enterprise's cohesion, strengthen the guidance and guarantee of party construction, converge the momentum for the enterprise's development, and strive to create the prospect of CRIG's high quality development so as to devote our firm strength as one of the two wings to the construction of CREC into a world first-class enterprise and greet the 20th Party Congress with our excellent performance.

Guo Wei made a work report entitled 天博体育登录网址seeking progress in stability, opening a new chapter with earnest practice and by overcoming difficulties, and unswervingly promote the high-quality development of the Enterprise to a new level. He comprehensively summarized the work of the enterprise in 2021 from four aspects, namely, epidemic prevention and control and construction safety, market development, deepening reforms of the enterprise and compliance system construction, objectively analyzed the current situation, made arrangements for the key work for the year of 2022, such as the production and operations management of the enterprise, specifying the detail requirements for seven aspects.

Guo Wei stressed that we should unswervingly strengthen the implementation of the strategy to promote high-quality development of the enterprise, steadfastly strengthen marketing operations to perform well in overseas regional markets, unswervingly strengthen performance control and improve our capability of project performance, unswervingly promote transformation and upgrading and accelerate the development of investment, financing and mergers and acquisitions business, unswervingly implement the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents and strengthen the construction of talent team. We must unswervingly strengthen the efficiency of internal compliance control to prevent business risks, firmly build a line of safety defense to protect the lives and health of workers, maintain and increase the value of state-owned assets, and promote the steady and long-term development of overseas operations.

Wu Jibang made a report on the Performance of Collective Agreement for the Year of 2021 and the text drafting of Collective Agreement (Draft) for the Year of 2022. Fang Xiaoqian, member of CRIG's Party Committee and CRIG's deputy President, made a report on the handling of the proposals for the first session of the Second Workers' Congress of CRIG and the collection of proposals for the second session of the Second Workers' Congress of CRIG.

Voting results were announced online in the meeting, and the following reports and draft were adopted, namely, The report on the handling of the proposals for the first session of the Second Workers' Congress of CRIG and the collection of proposals for the second session of the Second Workers' Congress of CRIG, The report on the Performance of Collective Agreement of CRIG for the Year of 2021天博体育登录网址 and the 天博体育登录网址Collective Agreement of CRIG for the Year of 2022 (Draft)天博体育登录网址.

During the meeting, the Cadres Conference of CRIG for the Year of 2022 was held. Bi Yanchun, secretary of the CRIG Party Committee  and CRIG chairman, on behalf of the leadership of CRIG, made an annual report on work, and made a report on the selection and employment of personnel by CRIG's Party Committee in 2021.

At the meeting, Bi Yanchun and Guo Wei signed the Letters of Responsibility for the Production and Operations Performance for the Year of 2022 with the heads of the overseas regional headquarters, head of the Marketing Center, head of Beijing Construction Branch and head of the Trading Company, etc.. Guo Wei and Wu Jibang signed the Collective Agreement for the Year of 2022 on behalf of the Company and the workers respectively; Guo Wei also signed the Letter of responsibility for Safety and Quality for the Year of 2022 with the heads of Beijing Construction Branch and other units.

The meeting commended advanced collectives and outstanding individuals, such as CRIG's good-performance leadership team for the Year of 2020, Red Flag Unit for the Year of 2021 and Top ten overseas employees.

The meeting was held in the form of main venue + video sub-venues. CRIG's senior management, executives and departmental heads, some staff representatives and non-voting representatives and the key persons in charge of CRIG affiliates in Beijing attended the meeting at the main venue. And the leadership group members of the affiliates located outside of Beijing and other staff representatives and concerned persons attended the meeting at video sub-venues.


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