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CRIG Signs the Contract for Yuen Long Water Purification Facilities in HongKong

On the morning of Nov. 17th, the ceremony for signing the General Construction Contract for Phase One Principal Works of Yuen Long Water Purification Facilities in HongKong was held in the Drainage Services Department of HKSAR. CRIG, as the leading partner of the JV, signed the Contract with Drainage Services Department of the HKSAR on behalf of its parent company, CREC.

The Project mainly comprises the dismantling and reconstruction of part of the existing Yuen Long Sewage Treatment Plant to increase daily sewage treatment capacity from 70,000 m3 to 100,000 m3 and raise sewage treatment level to level 3 purified water standard, and the dismantling and reconstruction of administrative building, storage depot, power distribution room and transformer room as well as the execution of ancillary works and environmental improvement measures, etc..

The Yuen Long Water Purification Facilities Project is a key project that the Government of HKSAR implements for coping with the population growth and development of Yuen Long region, improve the environment and guarantee public health. The first phase of the Works will raise the daily sewage treatment capacity to 100,000 m3. The sewage treatment technology of “Aerobic Granular Sludge” (AGS) developed by a Dutch company will be used in the Yuen Long Water Purification Facilities, and it is the first time such technology will be introduced into HongKong.

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